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Expressionistic and Representational Works

A blend of the real and the unreal.

Leopard Lily

Watercolor on Paper 15 x 23 inches

Mountain Lake

Acrylic and collage on 12 x 12 inch wood panel.

Spring Fling 3

acrylic and collage on paper framed to 18 x 22 inches.

Spring Fling 1

Acrylic on paper, framed to 18 x 22 inches

Underpants Flowers

18 x22 inch unframed. Mixed water media and collage.

A Beautiful Bunch of Coconuts

Watercolor on Paper, Matted and Framed to 22 x 28 inches.

People Watchers

19 x 26 inch watercolor on paper matted and framed.

Patchwork Pears

Acrylic and paper framed to 17 x 17 inches.


18 x 21.5 inches watercolor on paper

Windows on the World: Roussillon

First in a series of window paintings, 24 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas.

Fancy Fish II

Acrylic on Paper framed to 15 x 34 inches.

Old Yellow House

Watercolor under glass, framed to 24 x 36 inches. The class did a progressive painting exercise using this scene. I just had to paint my own version when I returned home.

Monumental Abstraction

Mixed watermedia on paper matted and framed to 28 x 36 inches.

Barracks Row SE

Watercolor on paper framed to 22 x 28 inches Prints available at artist Search for Kay Fuller Contact artist to purchase original


Oil on wrapped canvas 11 by 14 inches.